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Rick Mugridge
Managing Director
Senior Agile Consultant/Coach
Chief Researcher
Rimu Research Limited
Auckland, New Zealand
Company Services:
  • Consulting and Coaching in Test Automation:
    • tools and techniques
    • applied to requirements
    • legacy systems
  • Coaching in Agile/Lean practices for all software development team members.
  • Coaching, training and contract programming in Scala, Java and JavaScript; concurrency.

Rick Mugridge is ....

Lead Author for: Fit for Developing Software

  • "Rick and Ward continue to amaze me. Testing business rules is a fundamentally hard thing that has confounded many, and yet these two have devised a mechanism that cuts to the essence of the problem. In this work they offer a simple, thorough, approachable, and automatable means of specifying and testing such rules."
    -- Grady Booch, IBM Fellow
  • "By providing a simple, effective method for creating and automating tabular examples of requirements, Fit has dramatically improved how domain experts, analysts, testers, and programmers collaborate to produce quality software."
    -- Joshua Kerievsky, founder, Industrial Logic, Inc., and author of Refactoring to Patterns
  • "Even with the best approaches, there always seemed to be a gap between the software that was written and the software the user wanted. With Fit we can finally close the loop. This is an important piece in the agile development puzzle."
    -- Dave Thomas, coauthor of The Pragmatic Programmer

Inventor of FitLibrary; Developer of FitLibrary in Java

  • FitLibrary is an open-source test automation framework, which I first released in 2005.
  • It works with FitNesse, as well as stand-alone with storytests in html and xls spreadsheets.
  • FitLibrary is used by many teams around the world.

Training, Coaching and Contract Programming in:

  • Scala
  • LiFT (Scala web framework, the next big step after rails).
  • Java.
  • JavaScript and Html5.
  • Concurrency, actors, and event-based and continuation-based architectures.
  • Android for phones and tablets.

An Expert in Helping Clients with Test Automation

  • I have worked with many clients in NZ, Australia, USA, UK and Europe.
  • I have worked with BAs, architects, developers, testers, and managers, as well as with business stakeholders.
  • My speciality is in storytests: business-level examples that serve as automated tests.

Agile Practices

  • I provide training and on-the-job coaching in Test Driven Development and other agile/lean practices for all software development team members.


  • October 2009. Released FitLibraryWeb, which I developed while working with Air New Zealand, and gifted by Air New Zealand in October 2009.

  • June 2011. I have released ZiBreve, a new open-source IDE for storytests that inter-operates with FitNesse.

  • Updated July, 2011.

    Copyright, Rick Mugridge, Rimu Research, 2006 .. 2011.