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Rimu Research provides international coaching, training, and consulting in agile software development. We provide a special emphasis on automated testing (storytests and unit tests), storytest driven development and executable specifications.

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Applying Agile Practices That Fit

Imagine if most new housing had serious leaks when it rained. It would not be tolerated.

For many organisations, software projects sometimes go well, but are often far from watertight.

Quality could be higher and costs lower. It's been expensive to track down bugs that have been lurking for weeks. It's been even more expensive to track down misunderstandings that have been lurking for months.

Extensions to the system could be done faster and with more certainty. The resulting system could better meet business goals, rather than being tolerated.

Many organisations have found that the discipline of agile practices has accentuated what they're doing and has led to more effective and adaptable software systems.

The place to start is in assessing the team's strengths and building on their positive development experiences. Then changes can be planned, with clearly defined goals. On-the-job coaching can speed up this process and lead to long-term benefits.

Contact us today about coaching.

Partial Agility

Many organisations have begun applying agile techniques, but figured that things could be better. Agility has encouraged learning and they're ready for a boost up the learning curve.

They have struggled to gain full benefits from agile and sustain those benefits. Their automated build is taking too long. Or their unit tests make code changes more difficult. Or they have old code that is awkward to bring under automated test. Or their team is not working cohesively. Or planning is taking too long or is erratic. Or, under pressure, the team reverts to old habits.

On-the-job coaching has brought clarity, direction and experience to speed up the learning process and ensure long-term benefits. Contact us today about coaching.

Test and Release Issues

As your application/system has grown, progress has slowed, and there are serious issues around getting a release out that will work well. There are too many bugs being reported, and these are expensive to manage and fix.

Requirements Issues

You have been writing requirements documents, possibly incorporating use cases. But they are not working for you as well as you'd hoped.

Introducing Storytest Driven Development

You're applying Test Driven Development successfully but find communication about requirementscould be improved. You wonder whether you can get further gains by also using Storytest Driven Development.

Refinement into Executable Specifications

You've been applying Storytest Driven Development, but you are not satisfied with the results, given the effort.

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