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Specify By Example

A series of articles on writing executable, example-based specifications.

TDD Digital Simulator

This TDD example shows the development of a simulation system that is event driven.

A digital circuit consists of one or more gates, such as inverters and and-gates, connected together with wires. A wire carries a digital signal with 0 or 1. Gates compute their output signal based on their inputs, after some delay. Such circuits can be used to create abstract gates, such as for binary addition. This can be done by composing (wiring together) elementary (and other abstract) gates.

Here's some suggested next steps to carry on with the simulator.

This is based on the digital circuits defined in "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Progams", Abelson, Sussman and Sussman, MIT Press, 1996.

Other TDD Sample Problems

See TDD Sample Problems

Papers and Talks

Talk to Testing Professional Network, June 2010

Test Automation for Legacy Systems, Rick Mugridge. This includes an agile perspective on software testing and test automation. It includes a brief introduction to a tool for extracting abstractions from storytests.

Talk at Google Automated Testing Conference, London, Sept 2006

Doubling the Value of Automated Tests: FitLibrary Storytests, Rick Mugridge.

Talk at Google, Mountain View, 9 Feb 2005

Using Fit: An open-source testing framework for developers, testers, and product managers, Rick Mugridge.

Podcast at Agile2005

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