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Requirements Issues

Missing and Misunderstandings

There are real problems with the requirements. No matter how much effort is put into writing requirements, the resulting system always misses the mark:
  • Important features are missed out.
  • Some fundamental notions about the domain seemed obvious to the business folk and so were never discussed. These are missing from the resulting system.
  • There are lots of little misunderstandings about what is needed.
  • Things change about the business domain as the software is being developed. Those new opportunities have to wait.
  • Once the system is delivered, the user have lots of ideas about what the system should do.
  • Disconnects

    There is a disconnect between the business needs and what the developers talk about and do.
    • This leads to misunderstandings that show up as bugs, poor user interfaces, and confusion
    • Even after much discussion, features are still not implemented correctly
  • Lots of developer focus, interest and energy is placed in the software architecture. There is little enthusiasm for the business domain, and that's handed over to junior developers
  • There is little to show for the first few months of development, while the "important" infrastructure is put in place.
  • User Dissatisfaction

    Users of your system are less than satisfied with it.
    • They are confused by the system and are not sure how to carry out their tasks.
  • There's lots of functions that are irrelevant.
  • Help and user documentation is poor, difficult to traverse and doesn't serve their needs. It needs to be tailored more to their needs.
  • Coaching possibilities...

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