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Immediate Storytest Feedback

Skiing Feedback at the Right Time

When I first learned to ski, I struggled to make progress on my own.

With some coaching, I had to unlearn some bad habits, but I quickly made satisfying progress.

And it's been great to get a boost from more coaching when I've stayed at the same level for awhile, or gone down-hill.

I've found that a little feedback at just the right time can make a big difference in any sort of learning.

Feedback has helped me to (re)focus on the important things, to sort out my misunderstandings and to speed up learning. A plateau in my learning curve is a sign that help is needed to jump to the next level.

Storytest Feedback at the Right Time

I provide remote reviews of storytests for teams, to improve both their effectiveness and the value of their storytesting. In two hours, I review their storytests and provide high-quality feedback.

People have found it useful to get feedback once they have had some experience with storytests. I've made suggestions that have drastically reduced the detailed content and/or the number of storytests while increasing their value. In two cases, I have written specialised fixtures to enable BAs and Testers to write more effective storytests more quickly. In other cases, I've helped people get unstuck with storytesting issues that have seemed difficult for them to solve.

Such feedback has also worked well for companies getting started on storytesting. Some have not been sure of the best way to proceed. Getting very early feedback has altered the way they've approached storytesting and helped them get up to speed quicker, saving lots of time.

I have also remote paired for a few hours at a time with people on writing storytests. Even with remote access, this has enabled people to become effective at writing storytests. And it has helped them incorporate storytests into their development process. Of course, it's not as good as being there, but it makes it feasible for me to provide concentrated feedback just when it's needed.

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