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Agile: Introducing Storytest Driven Development

You're applying Test Driven Development successfully and wonder whether you can get further gains by also using Storytest Driven Development. Some of the following may apply to you:

  • You use unit (or programmer) tests to test drive the system, but the Customer team can't read them.
  • The focus on the system has been more towards the architecture than towards the business problems to be solved.
  • The developers seem to have a weak understanding of the business domain
  • Some fundamental notions about the domain seemed obvious to the business folk and so were never discussed. These are seriously missing from the resulting system.
  • There are lots of little misunderstandings about what is needed.
  • There is little enthusiasm for the business domain, and that's handed over to junior developers
  • There is little to show for the first few months of development, while the "important" infrastructure is put in place.
  • Testing is disconnected with development
  • Coaching possibilities...

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