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Testing Automation and Release Issues

Changes and Bugs:

  • Your system has grown difficult to change.
    • New features take lots of effort to add and are delivered late.
    • Bugs are hard to find and fix, and sometimes return in a new guise.
    • Changes often lead to unexpected problems.
    • Developers seem to be growing restless, uneasy and fearful of making changes
  • The defects reported from the field are increasing and taking lots of effort to fix.
    • The automated tests that are being used are too slow, are expensive to maintain, and don't provide sufficient cover.
    • You need a bug-tracking system to deal with all the problems.
    • Bug finding and fixing is taking time away from development
    • You've tried several tools and approaches to automated testing, but they've not been satisfactory
    • The tests are inadequate, but it's hard to see how to improve them, automate part of the process and get real value for money
    • You'd like to seriously test for concurrency issues (such as when many users are using your web application at the same time)

Delays before Release:

  • It is taking too long to test your system before release
    • You need to improve your test automation, but it's unclear how to do that effectively at a reasonable cost
    • The tests take a long time to execute through the UI
    • There are lots of combinations to take account of
    • Performance/load tests are unsatisfactory and expensive to manage and they slow the release cycle. They take a lot of effort to change once the system is frozen for release.
  • It's taking too long to complete user help and user and installation documentation before release
    • Screen dumps can't be done until the system is frozen, and the user interface is the least stable
    • The document writers are reluctant to document the parts of the system that may change
    • The documentation is based too much around the features of the system and not around the tasks that users will have to carry out
    • Internationalization makes the problem worse as some customers want screen dumps to show the system configured for their use, with appropriate currency, numbers and etc.

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